GRS opens a new office in Bucharest on Avrig Street

Bucharest, April 2013

The continual growth, both in terms of quality and quantity, of Global Remote Services’ work will soon be supported by the opening of a new 1000 square meters office in Bucharest, on Avrig Street, which will work in collaboration with the current office in Calea Mosilor.

The production capacity of GRS in Bucharest will therefore comprise around 260 workstations. The new site, which will also be the company’s legal headquarters and the GRS central management base, is configured to the highest international quality standards in the outsourcing industry in terms of operating infrastructure, quality of the working environment and the additional outsourcing resources (training rooms, meeting rooms, candidate interview rooms, closed-circuit video systems, access control and protection, data rooms, etc.).

Setting up GRS’s operations across two main sites is a result of a precise strategic choice that prioritizes reliability and operational continuity, with a view to guarantee proper customer service. Both offices are fully interconnected and can act as backups for one another within a few minutes if needed.

Just like the other office, the new location is another step forward for the company with respect to ‘the quality of its employees life’ – one of the founding values of GRS – both for the standard of the working atmosphere and for its strategic location in the city.


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