We celebrate Christmas with “Chance for Life”

Global Remote Services is hosting a sales exhibition of Christmas decorations to support “Chance for Life”.

Chance for Life is a foundation which supports young people with disabilities or HIV positive, by integrating them professionally and involving them in all sorts of activities to help them develop the necessary skills so they can build a life on their own and continue to go to school. Chance for Life has a special project called “Workshop for the future” where children manually create all sorts of objects which are further sold in exhibitions.

The workshop works on the same principals as a social enterprise, by developing educational activities for a social cause. All the funds raised through these sales exhibitions are for helping children easily integrate into society.

Global Remote Services will host, for 5 days, a Christmas Exhibition in its Bucharest offices.  This is not the first year when the company is supporting this foundation and we are happy that our employees are eager to get involved in such actions.


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