Global Remote Services as “testimonial guest” at the event “Outsourcing-Romania” organized by EBA and hosted by the Romanian Embassy in the UK

Last Thursday, Global Remote Services was the “testimonial guest” of the private event “Outsource Romania” organized by European Business Awards (EBA) and hosted by the Romanian Embassy in the UK.  The newly appointed Ambassador from Romania to the UK, H.E Mihnea Motoc was also present throughout the entire event.

The discussions were about how Romania is becoming one of the fastest growing outsourcing destinations in Central and Eastern Europe.

Paolo Marcattilj,  Shareholder and UK Director of GRS, commented about the participation to this event: “We were honored to take part in the event and to be able to demonstrate why some of today’s leading UK and European businesses are choosing to outsource to Romania and why Romania is becoming a top outsourcing destination.  The cost efficiencies are really a by-product to the work we are doing to help grow global businesses through building great customer relationships and experiences. We were delighted the Ambassador from Romania to the UK highlighted the benefits of our language abilities and highly skilled work force, still widely underexploited by many UK companies.”

The event was a private one, gathering no more than 10 companies from various industries brought together to discuss the opportunities Romania has to offer as a nearshore outsourcing location.

Among the conclusions of the event, we have the fact that the companies from Western Europe currently underexploit Romania as an outsourcing destination.

The country is a good choice for companies seeking to take advantage of a fast emerging top outsourcing destination with high-level language skills, large pools of talent, low-cost skilled labour, economic, and social stability. All these are very relevant items for customer caring and similar core tasks.

Romania definitely represents, today, a sizeable, and ready-to-get, opportunity as a BPO nearshore “smart” sourcing area, still to be fruitfully leveraged by most of UK companies.


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