Emerging trends: Efficiency vs Shopper Satisfaction

This is the name of the workshop organized by POPAI, the global association for marketing in retail, and sponsored by GRS, held in Milan at the beginning of June.

The workshop allowed its participants to discuss how choosing the right outsourcing partner is a key decision, which influences both the processes and the economic situation of any company.

Daniele Tirelli, the President of POPAI Italy, was the moderator and Paolo Marcattilj, Co-founder of GRS, was one of the two speakers of the event.

One of the speakers, top manager of a company which is “heavy using” outsourced services, pointed out that recruitment and training models are among the important items to be checked in the process of choosing an outsourcer. The environment in which the teams work is also very important.

Paolo Marcattilj has spoken about how the decision to outsource can lead not only to cost savings to the company but also it allows it to focus more on its core business and be more flexible. All these can lead in a certain extent, and under specific conditions, to a performance increase. In order to achieve this is very important to create a closer, and more innovative, type of relationship between the outsourcer and the client company.

GRS has a strategical location, which enables the company to provide with ease multi-lingual and multi-channel services to its partners. Romania has a stable socio-political situation, lower labour costs and very good IT infrastructure and the decision to build our company here turned out to be very good one, especially in terms of quality of the services delivered, which is always high. We managed to support our customers in achieving 30-40% of cost savings and we have built long-lasting partnerships with them. ” said Giuseppe Deregibus, Co-founder GRS, who was also present at the event.


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