Our customer is an Italian global leader in the on-line betting and gaming sector.

The main requirement, especially during the initial phase, was to ensure high-quality user support while managing costs and controlling the budget. Delivering an efficient internal contact center management operation and the use of “multi-channel” contact methods were identified as the key drivers to success.

A strongly team-oriented solution and approach has been implemented for this customer by creating a team of agents and trainers with expertise in customer care. Senior resources – from GRS and the customer – with in-depth project management skills and experience support the overall operation.

A monthly process of assessing individual operators has also been implemented and is performed by both our internal team leaders and supported by our client’s management team.

We are extremely proud that the achieved quality and quantity results are higher than expected. The Customer Satisfaction rates achieved for these services and through our collaborative work, have been the highest ever attained by the customer.  Furthermore, they continue to grow and the resulting cost savings have been significant and in line with the budget agreed upon.

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