Our client is a major provider of financial products, specializing in consumer credit management.

The main service requirement was to recover a large amount of outstanding debt owed to the company for ‘pay TV’ services in the Italian market, as well as recovering other equipment (decoders, etc.) from defaulting users.

The solution we created for the customer was to firstly set up access to databases, listing debtors’ situations and then to arrange a dedicated inbound line for calls from debtors.

Our operators, all of them fully trained on the customer’s specific operating procedures, explain clearly, concisely and directly what is the a users debt position and then proceed to negotiate a repayment solution in line with the company’s policy.

As a result of the lengthy training period and subsequent coaching undertaken by our operators, all of the quality and quantity standards were achieved after only a few weeks of operating. In addition, our internal incentive systems, specifically designed for the project, have contributed to achieving the objectives, while maintaining a strong team spirit among our dedicated operators and team leaders.

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