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Privacy Policy

1. Introduction and basic principles

Global Remote Services is a private company established in Bucharest in 2004.

Global Remote Services attaches high importance to responsible, compliant and transparent management of data.Also, confidentiality is a matter of trust, and your trust is important to us. We respect the personal and privacy ambit.

The Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as “statement” or “PPS”) describes the way we process your personal data as “user” of the services provided by Global Remote Services.We use the following terms in this PPS:

  • Global Remote Services, Bucharest, Romania – Controller or processor, as the case may be
  • Statement, PPS = Privacy Policy Statement
  • Aggregate data = generic term for the personal data and other data.
  • Personal data = all information and data that can be stored regarding a specific or identifiable person.
  • Users = natural and legal persons
  • Third parties = external persons and other companies
  • EU-GDPR = General Data Protection Regulation.

2. Purpose of the privacy policy

Our privacy policy statement explains:

  • what data we collect and the reason thereof;
  • the way we use these data;
  • the options we offer, including how the data and the aggregate data can be accessed and how they can be updated.

We tried to make this Policy as simple as possible, but we cannot exclude the use of several technical terms. Therefore, if you are not familiar with terms like cookies, IP addresses and browsers, local storage space and storage space, we invite you to read these techniques and key terms first (see EU-GDPR, description of IT technical terms).

This PPS explains the procedures used by Global Remote Services and does not constitute a document binding Global Remote Services or third parties.

3. Scope of privacy policy

The statement applies to all Global Remote Services offers and services, regardless of how they are used (web site, e-mail etc.) or the technical form (computers, mobile phone, IOT etc.). The statement applies and is part of the agreement, if is included in the agreement as part thereof or if is mentioned in the applicable general terms and conditions (AGC).

In case of any contradiction between this statement and the terms and conditions, the provisions of this statement take precedence. If you are already using the services of Global Remote Services, this statement also refers to the personal data collected from you in the past and already stored by Global Remote Services, that we can associate to and process with the personal data collected in the future.

Please note that Global Remote Services may be a Controller or processor, depending on the nature of the commercial relation carried out. For each of these situations, our privacy policy applies accordingly.

4. Form of consent

Before using our services, please read our terms and conditions of use; the privacy policy; conditions for commercial and non-commercial use of our service.

By clicking the following buttons, you declare that you agree to the terms of use, to the privacy policy; to the terms of commercial and non-commercial use of our service and that you agree to the validity of these terms.

SPECIFIC STATEMENT OF APPROVAL: The user agrees that, for the purpose of supplying customized and general services according to the terms of use and the privacy policy in the Contact Center field, its personal data will be collected and processed, via the internet, where the processing may be done by third parties as well.

This consent may be amended any time through a written request to Global Remote Services or directly on-line. The revocation thereof does not affect the lawfulness of the data processing up to that moment.

The use of this site, regardless of the change made, represents your consent to the collection of personal information that you disclose when using this web site.

Read this privacy policy regularly. You can always access the latest version of this privacy policy on this site, the validity of which is set out herein below.

5. Terms, description of IT technical terms

The personal data and the aggregate data represent all information regarding a specific or identifiable person. In addition to your contact data, such as name, telephone number, address or e-mail address, it also includes other information that you provide when using our services. The personal data also include the IP address of your device that we record when you visit our web site and other aggregate data, such as viewed pages or similar pages.

The users are natural persons, as well as legal entities, that are represented by the persons acting for them.

Browsers are special computer programs for displaying web pages on the computer or mobile screens.

Cookies are short text fragments that are sent in your browser by a web page you visit. Cookie files can store all accrued data, such as connection data, language or other settings.

The local repository or session storage is stored in your browser. Similar to the cookies, the aggregate data can be stored here. Unlike the cookie modules, these aggregate data are not sent automatically on our servers. The collection data in the local repository remain stored for an indefinite period, while the session history is emptied at the end of it (for example, closing of browser).

An IP address is a numerical address in the computer networks. It is assigned to the devices connected to the Internet, rendering the devices addressable and accessible. A visible IP address often pertains to a router, which makes that certain devices, such as computers or smartphones, cannot be identified.

6. When will the personal data and other aggregate data be collected?

Global Remote Services will have to collect and process the personal data about you to supply these services. It occurs particularly if you:

  • Visit our website;
  • Register for one of our services;
  • Send us an e-mail or communicate in any other way.

Should you not grant consent and permission to Global Remote Services to collect and process the personal data, Global Remote Services holds the right not to grant any access to the entire site content or of other services. It particularly applies if the relevant personal data are indispensable to the relevant services of Global Remote Services.

Global Remote Services collects and process the aggregate data in order to provide the best products and services possible to all its users. It begins with detecting the basic parameters, such as the language you intend to use, identifying the devices you use, the location and services you desire and other methods of use of the site.

The aggregate data collected and processed by Global Remote Services are not necessarily Personal data. Global Remote Services collects and processes particularly the following types of aggregate data:

  • The data you provide us with (in the form of personal data);
  • The data we receive from the use of our services, such as:
    • Data regarding the device (type of the device used);
    • Protocol data (transmission of information etc.);
    • Data regarding location (location identifiers or location etc.);
    • Unique application numbers (software versions, purchase numbers etc.);
    • Local storage (in browser or similar);
    • Cookies and similar technologies;
    • Etc.

7. Type of personal data collected

Depending on the products or services that Global Remote Services supplies, your personal data will be collected and processed (see also “Scope”, § 3).

These include:

  • Personal data such as name, age, date of birth (as the case), e-mail address or IP address, mailing address or company’s address, telephone numbers, as well as data collection on sex, occupation, interests etc. a natural person or legal entity;
  • Details on our mutual business relation and on the products and services you use;
  • If required, recordings of phone calls, e-mails, correspondence between Global Remote Services and yourself;

8. Use of collected data and of personal data

Global Remote Services uses the collected data and the personal data in order to provide, maintain, protect and improve the services, as well as to develop new products or to offer customized content and services.

Global Remote Services uses your personal data with the following purposes, inter alia:

  • To respond to your comments and questions;
  • To alert you or register you for the special events, offers or services;
  • To send you regular information or data;
  • To introduce services and information adapted to your interests or profile;
  • To send the individual data to third parties (see “Disclosure of personal data to third parties”, § 10) where are required to offer you the desired service.

When you contact Global Remote Services we will register the communication in order to help you solve the problems you may encounter. The notice on your using our services, including the notices regarding the amendments or improvements, may be done using your e-mail address.

The data collected via cookies and other technologies improve your general experience, of the users, and quality of our services. For these aspects, please refer to the Cookie Policy.

For example, storing the preferred language setting allows us to display our services in the selected language.

We can collect your personal data by installing our own tracers on your computer. These tracers are usually called “cookies” and allow us to identify you using a distinguishing code generated by the computer.

By offering a unique identifier, we can create databases according to your previous decisions and preferences.

In addition, Global Remote Services may use technologies that follow up on the use of the site, such as the page you view and the links you access through its interface. These aggregate data regarding the use by you of this website are called “data regarding the clicks flow” and help us determine what is important to you and what is not. They help us decide what content and features are desired and which of them should be thrown away. Moreover, they help us determine whether our website is user-friendly or whether we should redesign certain pages and hyperlinks.

You can refuse such “cookies” without requiring an additional announcement. Usually, the computer is set up in such a manner that you can adjust the settings and block the cookies according to your preferences. You will find more aggregate data in your browser. Mention should be made that this refusal may converge to significant limitations of our services and expressly denies any responsibility for the loss associated to the benefits, data or other restrictions.

Global Remote Services processes personal data on its own servers, sometimes with the involvement of third party servers. Therefore, it cannot be excluded that the personal data may be processed on servers outside your residence country. In this case, Global Remote Services takes into consideration the relevant legal provisions.

With your permission, we use the aggregate data in order to inform you on the new Global Remote Services services and offers. As part of the registration, you have the possibility to inform us whether you intend to receive announcements and actions.

9. The period of storage of the aggregate data and personal data. Your entitlements.

Global Remote Services will keep the personal data only as long as it is necessary for the fulfilment of the purpose for which they were collected or in accordance with the legal or internal regulations.

We use criteria based on legal and functional requirements in order to establish reasonable terms for storing your personal data that depend on the purpose of the data, such as: for example, legal provisions for storing the transactions, correct management of the account, facilitating the client relationship management and the reaction to stating the legal claims etc.

In the context of processing your personal data, you have the following rights:

  • The right to access the processed personal data: you have the right to obtain confirmation of the fact that your personal data are or are not processed by Global Remote Services and, in case they are, to request a copy thereof;
  • The right to request the rectification or supplementation of the inaccurate or incomplete personal data;
  • The right to obtain restriction of processing, if:
    • you consider that the processed personal data are inaccurate, for a period allowing Global Remote Services to check the accuracy of the personal data;
    • the processing is illegal, but you do not intend to delete the processed personal data but to limit the use thereof;
    • in case Global Remote Services no longer needs your personal data for the defined purposes, but you need the data to acknowledge, exercise or defend a legal claim or
    • you opposed processing, for the time necessary for Global Remote Services to verify whether the legitimate grounds prevail over your rights;
  • The right to request the deletion of the processed personal data that regard you, in case one of the following reasons apply;
    • the personal data are no longer necessary for the accomplishment of the purposes they were collected or processed for,
    • the data subject withdraws the consent according to which the processing takes place, and there is no other legal ground for proceeding with the processing,
    • the data subject exercises its right to oppose, and the controller does not have legitimate reasons that prevail in order to proceed with the processing;
    • the data were processed illegally;
    • the deletion is necessary for compliance with the European or domestic legislation or
    • the data were collected in connection with services of the information society offered to the minors (if the case), when specific requirements apply with regard to the consent;
  • The right to withdraw consent anytime with regard the processing, when the processing relies on consent, without affecting though the lawfulness of the processing activities carried out until that date;
  • The right to oppose in connection with the data processing for grounds related to the particular situation you encounter when the processing is based on legitimate interest, as well as the right to oppose anytime the data processing for marketing purposes, including creating profiles;
  • The right not to be the object of a decision relying exclusively on automated processing, including the creation of profiles, that have legal effects that regard the data subject or affects it similarly in a significant manner;
  • The right to data portability, meaning the right to receive your personal data that you provided to Global Remote Services in a structured form, commonly used and that can be read automatically, as well as the right to transfer the relevant data to another controller, in case the processing relies on your consent or the enforcement of a contract and is carried out by automated means;
  • The right to file a complaint to the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing.

To exercise any of these rights, to file requests or complaints, please write us at the address of Global Remote Services SRL, 2 Avrig St., 2nd district, Bucharest 021571, via e-mail at info@globalremoteservices.com.

You can contact the Personal Data Operator / DPO at dpo@globalremoteservices.com

You can contact the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing at phone +40.318.059.211 or e-mail anspdcp@dataprotection.ro or at the address Bucharest, 1st district, 28-30 Gheorghe Magheru Blvd.

10. Personal data processing and disclosure to third parties

Global Remote Services does not disclose personal identification information to companies, organisations or persons outside Global Remote Services, except for the following cases:

With your agreement:

  • Global Remote Services supplies services to you, the personal data may be disclosed to third parties acting on your behalf or involved in the transaction (according to the type of product or service that you use).
  • In some cases, the personal data are conveyed to reliable external contractors that provide services to Global Remote Services, such as: IT and hosting services providers, marketing services providers, communication and typing services providers, collection agencies, search services, antifraud suppliers, agencies, credit rating agencies and other contractors. To protect your personal data, Global Remote Services ensures that the security standards of these contractors are complied with.
  • This is done based on our instructions and in accordance with our privacy policy and other proper confidentiality and security measures.
  • If any of your personal data contain sensitive personal data that you retain non eligible for disclosure, please let us know in writing, specifying the exact nature of information, the protection needs and the disclosure restrictions in order to ensure you we take the required due diligence measures.
  • For legal reasons/grounds:
  • Global Remote Services will disclose personal data to companies, organisation or natural persons if we reasonably believe that access to or use of storage or disclosure of this information is reasonably necessary;
  • To respect the applicable laws, regulations and legal procedures or to respect an applicable regulation ordinance.
  • To apply the applicable terms of use, including the investigation of potential violations.
  • Detecting, preventing or otherwise fighting fraud, security deficiencies or technical problems.
  • Protecting the rights, property or security of Global Remote Services, our users or the public with respect to various crimes, to the extent permitted by the law.
  • Global Remote Services may disclose information that cannot be identified personally by the public or third parties, such as editors, publicity agencies or associated trend research sites.
  • In case of merger, acquisition or sale of assets to which Global Remote Services is part.

Global Remote Services will guarantee confidentiality of the personal data and will notify the affected users before any personal data is transmitted or is the object of another confidentiality policy.

10.1 Personal data international data

Global Remote Services transfers data in the EEA. Global Remote Services requires that the recipients take proper measures for protecting the personal data that are provided in a mandatory legal agreement, except for the case in which the European Union has established that the relevant country ensures a proper level of protection. A copy of these actions is available from the officer for the Global Remote Services data protection.

11. Copy confidentiality

Global Remote Services undertakes to protect safety and privacy of young people using Internet. We do not knowingly collect information regarding the personal collection of copies and will delete it immediately if we are advised about any abuse.

In case of doubt, we recommend the parents to verify the privacy policy of our sites and all associated sites.

12. Notice and approval of amendments

Global Remote Services improves constantly and adds new features and functions to the services. These constant improvements, as well as amendments to legislation or amendment of the technology also require regular amendment to this Privacy Policy Statement (PPS).

Global Remote Services reserves the right to update or amend this PPS anytime without notice. We will notify you on the amendments brought to the PPS by posting an updated or amended version hereof on this site.

For your benefit, we can, if required, inform you hereof by posting a temporary message on our site in case the PPS amends.

Security note:

We undertook proper technical and organisational measures in order to prevent unauthorised or illegal access to the personal data you provided us with. Since we cannot guarantee the complete security of the data for the communication via e-mail or instantaneous messaging or for similar communication means, we recommend you choose a safe alternative to the transmission of highly confidential personal data.

13. Status of the privacy policy statement

This statement on the privacy policy was last reviewed on 03.09.2018