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B2C Inbound/Outbound Call Center:​ Online Retail Company part of an International Group

Main challenges​

  • Managing high call/chat volumes.​
  • Ensuring multilingual support (Italian, Spanish, French, English).​
  • Maintain a high level of quality and respect SLAs.​

Business Need of the Customer​

The customer is a company part of an international group, operating in several European countries: France, Germany, Italy, England, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Russia. GRS manages various activities for the customer via voice and chat in:​

  • Inbound calls and chat: Taking and managing catalog orders from end consumers and information on the product and purchasing process. ​
  • Cross selling and upselling: loyalty and maximization of sales based on the purchases of end customers. ​

The customer was looking for a partner capable of:

  • Be activated in a short time and extremely qualified to support the existing contact centers in both order management and upselling activities
  • Create a multilingual team of highly trained and experienced sales savvy agents​
Key figures

phone calls handled by GRS since the start of this project


chat conversations handled by GRS since the start of this project


is the target reaches by GRS for upselling each month 

Why Did they Choose GRS?​


GRS’s presence in Romania was an advantage in this project. Proximity and cultural similarities were important aspects for our customer.


A significant percentage of the Romanian population speaks at least two foreign languages, including English. GRS agents are fluent in Italian, Spanish, French and English: exactly what the customer needed.

Implementation time​

It only took two weeks of training for the agents before the project was up and running.

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