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Sector of expertise

Media and Publishing

Shaped by technological advances, shifts in consumer behavior, and economic challenges, the media and publishing sector is in a constant state of evolution. We are here to help you navigate these changes and minimize their impact on your business.


Transition to Digital: finding the optimal balance between automatic and manual processes.

With the evolution of technology and the rise of the Internet, consumers are increasingly accessing information and content online. Consequently, media and publishing companies must adapt to this shift in behavior and identify optimal processes for a seamless transition to digital. Many industry players are opting to integrate both automated and manual processes to dematerialize physical media. This approach not only reduces the potential for errors on automated lines but also ensures exceptionally high quality rates, often reaching up to 99.9%, while simultaneously enhancing process speed.


2. Media Monitoring: keeping an eye on the market and your own business.

Media and publishing companies must closely monitor emerging trends, shifts in consumer behavior, and competitive movements to anticipate market developments and adjust their strategies accordingly. Additionally, these companies rely on media intelligence not only to track the impact of their own communications and marketing efforts but also to maintain a consistent image across all digital platforms.


3. CX management: reader and subscriber engagement, along with loyalty, are pivotal for commercial success.

With the advent of digital platforms, consumers now anticipate a personalized reading experience with content tailored to their interests and preferences. They expect seamless interaction with media and publishing companies through various channels such as phone calls, emails, social media, and live chats. For media companies providing subscription services, efficient subscription and billing management is crucial for sustaining customer satisfaction and minimizing churn.

Why it’s the perfect match?

With our extensive experience in the media and publishing sector, we stand ready to provide you with tailored solutions that address the unique challenges of this industry. Our past successes in this field underscore our unwavering commitment and demonstrated expertise.

Complete chain and high quality

We provide a comprehensive dematerialization chain that seamlessly integrates both automated and manual processes. Our document dematerialization solutions encompass essential functions, including capturing, enriching, indexing, structuring, and managing large volumes of documents. These solutions are designed to meet the most demanding time constraints, ensuring maximum information consistency and security through features such as traceability and flow management.

Proven analytical capabilities and 24/7 processing capacity

We provide top-quality 24/7 monitoring with dedicated, highly qualified teams, guaranteeing immediate responsiveness. Our comprehensive, customized reports enable you to analyze trends in depth. Our experience with leading media monitoring and publishing companies testifies to our ability to meet the most demanding requirements.

Innovation and Customer Commitment

With two decades of expertise, we excel in implementing advanced personalization strategies and harnessing cutting-edge technologies. Our dedicated teams facilitate multi-channel interaction, covering calls, emails, social media, and live chats 24/7. Furthermore, our proficiency in subscription and billing management ensures a seamless customer experience, effectively reducing churn.