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National, Local and Foreign Press Monitoring: Major Player in Italian Market

Main challenges​

  • Respect client deadlines and SLAs.
  • Continue to manage the increased workload entrusted to us over the years.
  • Maintain this high level of quality so that our client remains the reference in Italy.

Business Need of the Customer​

One of the major players on the Italian market (since 2001), it monitors the national, local and foreign press, guaranteeing an exhaustive and personalized review. The monitored articles (cca 36 million per year) are made available to their customers through various communication channels: e-mail, web platforms, intranet, mobile app. Newspapers and magazines arrive at GRS in PDF format and each of them has a very specific deadline that must be respected. Our agents’ activities consist in cropping 100% of the articles (pictures related included) of most of the newspapers and magazines and in other cases only articles related to certain subjects and then inserting them on the client’s platform. Agents must also check if the selection of the different areas of the article is correct. If not, they must correct the titles, authors, all brands present in the text, quotes, etc. by hand.

The customer was looking for a partner capable of:

  • Extreme flexibility 24/7
  • Provide a multilingual team
  • Offer quality services to its end customer within settled budgets
Key figures

Italian and international sources are monitoring by GRS team


articles are successfully handled per monthly


the average error rate per year

Why Did they Choose GRS?​


GRS has extended expertise in the Media monitoring and content creation industry since 2005


A wide range of foreign languages serviced already in GRS


Proven capability to meet the targets and deadlines on similar projects

Economic competitiveness

Competitive costs vs high quality guaranteed

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