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Customer Care for B2C E-commerce​​: Publishing Company

Main challenges​

  • Handling a broad spectrum of customer inquiries​
  • Managing both inbound calls and emails requires a balanced approach to ensure timely responses and resolution of customer issues.​
  • Handling over 350,000 calls and 600,000 emails annually demands effective resource management and workflow efficiency to meet the specified targets.​

Business Need of the Customer​

The client is a leading Italian publishing Group of books and magazines of primary importance, also active in the digital publishing, educational, as well as in on/off-line retail, with an audience of approximately 30 million unique users per month. GRS provides the customer care for numerous services and Group and business units of the Group, managing both inbound calls and e-mails, offering assistance to customers who require help on various cases: product information, new orders, orders not arrived, customers usernames, product delivery, etc.​

The customer was looking for a partner capable of: ​

  • Start a new project in a short timeframe for an essential date
  • Maintain and/or increase end-customer satisfaction
  • Deliver quality services within budget​
Key figures

calls handled by GRS per year


mails  handled by GRS per year

Why Did they Choose GRS?​


We have promised and given the client speed of execution, adaptability and high quality within a defined budget. 


GRS fully understood the needs and processes of the client Group and offered an efficient and effective solution, supported by cutting-edge infrastructures and technologies, which made it possible to build a unique and satisfying customer experience towards end customers.

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