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Multilingual B2B-B2C Technical Help-Desk: Coin counters company

Main challenges​

  • Maintain a low ratio of the average percentage of requested interventions (technical intervention request / handled calls). The client requires this ratio to be less than 25% and we are proud to report that the monthly average is 10%.
  • Follow all the procedures provided by the client through a Knowledge Base platform.

Business Need of the Customer​

The US company, listed on NASDAQ since 1997 and with an international presence, is the world leader in self-service coin counters with over 20,000 coin’ counters. Its mission is to offer a solution that allows consumers to transform the value of what they own into what they want. The activity consists in providing first level technical support and information to final consumers, to the managers of the shops where the machines are located and to the technicians / inspectors during interventions.

The customer was looking for a partner capable of:

  • Provide a multilingual technical support team
  • To have a high level of expertise in this field
  • Maintain and/or increase end-customer satisfaction levels
Key figures

languages covered by GRS for this project


of coin counters (over 1,500) for Germany and Spain are supported by GRS

Why Did they Choose GRS?​


GRS has access to one of the biggest linguistic talent pools in Europe, allowing GRS to service over 12 languages for different clients and assignments today.


GRS has over 2 million technical help desk interactions handled.

High quality services

GRS has offered to the client quality services within settled budgets.

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