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Support for Sales Management in Retail B2B​: Global Gaming Company​

Main challenges​

  • Each month the client checks the time we use to manage a portfolio and continuously evaluates the performance of GRS. The GRS team must score high in each of the monthly assessments.
  • Maintain a high level of quality to continue managing 100% of all inbound and outbound customer contact center activities.

Business Need of the Customer​

The client company is a leading trader among technology providers in the global gaming market. Its mission is to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction through continuous innovation, focused on the needs of end and intermediate customers, and supplying all services with high quality standards. The GRS agents, in this case real business consultants for 40% of the more than 60,000 points of sale managed by the customer. Our consultants must therefore know well the performance, the seasonality, order and sell out history of each individual store, as well as establish an empathic relationship with its manager and have a general preparation on all the products offered by the client.​

The customer was looking for a partner capable of: ​

  • Providing multitasking agents proficient in the Italian language​
  • Offering excellent interpersonal and sales skills to support retail sales management
  • Offer the client a highly trained group of professionals in a short time and within a specific budget
  • Being able to act as real business consultants for many points of sale in the global gaming market​
Key figures

multi-channel contacts managed by GRS since the start of the project


since the start of the project, the GRS team has never scored lower than this

Why Did they Choose GRS?​

Adaptability and high quality​

GRS managed to offer the client a highly trained group of professionals in a short time and within a specific budget.

Team skills​

Professional characteristics of the staff, which makes it usable also to replace the customer’s sales agents on sick leave or on vacation.


Continuous training of personnel, not only to acquire or update information and procedures relating to the project, but also for their personal development.

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