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Multilingual Technical Help Desk: Green Mobility Company

Main challenges​

  • Facilitate access to information by providing easy referrals for users of electric vehicle.
  • The customer demands extremely high levels of service during the day-to-day management of end users.

Business Need of the Customer​

The company is a leading international provider of electric vehicle charging solutions for commercial, enterprise, hospitality, healthcare, educational, and government facilities. To ensure the success of this ecological transition, which involves professionals adopting new modes of transport, the company wanted to rely on relationship experts to facilitate these uses. User support must be provided in several languages to ensure optimum handling of these charging stations. Agents must offer support and assistance regarding out-of-order charging stations, station locations, payment methods, refunds and mobile app functionalities.

The customer was looking for a partner capable of:

  • Offer a multilingual team with exceptional linguistic levels
  • Start the project within an extremely strict deadline
  • Maintain or even exceed existing end-customer satisfaction levels
  • Offer quality services within a specific budget
  • Offer 24/7 services
Key figures

weeks to reach the level of quality requested by the client


languages covered by GRS for this project

Why Did they Choose GRS?​


With 18 languages managed by GRS, the client can effectively accompany the users of electric charging stations across Europe.


The type of services requested are in GRS’ DNA with over 4.0 million tickets handled so far and we have already proven being experts in building tailor-made multilingual teams, alongside with our cost effectiveness.

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