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B2B Technical support: Technology Provider for the Global Gaming Market

Main challenges​

  • Over the years, the GRS team has had to constantly adapt to the ever-changing project requirements.​
  • Following all procedures provided by the client through a Knowledge Base platform. ​

Business Need of the Customer​

The company is a commercial operator and a leading technology provider in the global gaming market. The activity consists in providing first level technical support in order to provide help to both end users and technicians regarding POS terminals, LIS printers (a special printer for tax stamps) and the new IPOS embedded in an Android tablet. Calls are received through the CISCO system. GRS agents must register all requirements of the system under investigation using different consoles, following all procedures provided by the client through a Knowledge Base platform. If the GRS agent cannot resolve the technical problem, they must open a ticket for the second level support team. The agent must actively communicate with the second level support group until the technical problem is resolved. All agents speak both Italian and English and are very savvy in using computers. ​

The customer was looking for a partner capable of: ​

  • Provide a highly flexible team able to cope with its infra day spikes of interactions​
  • Provide a 7/7 technical help desk solution
  • Maintain and/or increase end customer satisfaction levels
  • Client looked for a quality services within settled budgets​
Key figures

calls have been handled by GRS since the start of the project


technical problem resolution rate on 1st call VS 55% service level requested 


call abandonment rate VS 10% service level requested 

Why Did they Choose GRS?​

High-quality services​

GRS was already servicing other Entities of the client’s Group and had already prove the highest commitment, the quick adaptability and the very high quality within defined budget. 


GRS fully understood the needs and processes of the client and offered an efficient and effective solution, supported by cutting-edge infrastructures and technologies, which made it possible to build a unique and satisfying customer experience towards end customers.

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