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Inbound Customer Care Solution for B2C​: Electronic Money Institute

Main challenges​

  • Rapidly scale the team from 4 to 41 agents without compromising the quality of service.​
  • Keep high-quality services to stay the sole supplier of a customer who initially turned to GRS only for legal obligations.​

Business Need of the Customer​

The company is an Electronic Money Institute (IMEL), supervised by the Bank of Italy, the principal actor in the world of payment services and electronic money with rechargeable cards. GRS agents are divided into specialized groups by activity and offer support and assistance for different types of requests:​

  • Information on payment services: methods of recharging Postepay prepaid cards, payments of postal and bank orders, pagoPA payments, payments for household utilities and other payments for which the card is enabled;
  • Information on electronic money services: top-up of all prepaid cards issued by the company, funds transfer, cash withdrawal, card balance, card extinction. ​


The customer was looking for a partner capable of: ​

  • Provide a team in EU because from 1st April 2017, a regulation came into force that changes the rules for call centers located outside the EU, on which the customer relied.​
Key figures

phone calls have been handled since the start of the project 


e-mail have been handled since the start of the project 

Why Did they Choose GRS?​

EU Location

GRS, based in Romania and therefore within the EU, becomes part of the customer’s supplier pool, initially only to manage second-level activities and calls transferred from teams in non-EU countries

Quality and Competitive Costs​

Then in 2019, GRS became the sole single supplier, thanks to the quality and competitive costs of the services offered.

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