Multilingual Inbound Contact Centre

Our Inbound Contact Centre services guarantee an excellent contact experience for your customers, through any contact method (telephone, email, web chat, social media, etc.) and regardless of their needs (information, help, etc.)

Customer Care Contact Centre

  • multilingual operators
  • open 24/7
  • freephone, reverse charge, premium rate numbers, etc.
Help Desk

    • trouble ticketing
    • administrative office/events/conferences/meetings support

Orders Hotline 


Multilingual Outbound Contact Centre

Our Outbound Contact Centre services ensure the best contact with your customers and your prospects, to help meet your business objectives: how, when and with whom.

Telephone Interviews

  • large-scale market research (ad hoc and long-term)
  • database for market segmentation and direct marketing campaigns
Telemarketing / Teleselling

  • product presentation and/or offers
  • appointment-making for seller/agent visits
  • periodical information campaigns

  • event invitations
  • direct marketing campaigns

Tele reminders

Multilingual back office activities

Our multilingual back office services are for supporting your company with a full range of simple and complex tasks through a broad range of languages.

Data entry

  • Data conversion
  • Questionnaire processing
  • Precise, secure and prompt text processing

  • data collection, analysis and communication


Sectors and languages

Among the values on which GRS was founded, versatility has become one of its major strengths. Our mission is to deliver and maintain high quality services for every business sector and to go beyond client’s expectations. We adapt our services to your business type and size, its growth plans and needs of change throughout time.